• @simple
    555 months ago

    Evernote has just been abysmal lately that I took all my notes and left. They’ve been getting so annoyingly greedy that it’s just unusable now.

    • Every time I open the app it spawns a pop-up ad telling me there’s a limited time offer that will disappear if I close the ad, trying to FOMO people into buying it now

    • They slowly restricted usage on devices to just being logged into 2 at the same time. Oh, and you can’t just keep swapping between them because there’s a cooldown (buy premium NOW!11!1!)

    • They completely ruined the minimal aesthetic it had going on and are shoving random features nobody asked for like AI cleanup and AI powered search

    • They constantly bait you into trying features and then telling you it’s premium-only. They ruined the home screen but that’s okay, you can just customize it- Oops! You need premium to save your settings.

    Good riddance. No idea how anyone puts up with it anymore.