In a tense game of chicken, remarkable for its mix of petulance and audacity, congressional Republicans are threatening to halt U.S. aid to Ukraine—guaranteeing a Russian breakthrough and possible victory in that war—unless Democrats help pass a bill that all but locks down America’s Southern border.

If the impasse isn’t resolved by the end of next week, when Congress goes on recess until the new year, the Ukrainian army could run out of ammunition. President Joe Biden could resupply the arsenal from U.S. stockpiles without legislative approval, but the move would be temporary, and the signal sent—that Ukraine, and by implication other allies, can no longer count on U.S. support in a pinch—could be a holiday cork-popper for Russian President Vladimir Putin and all of our other adversaries.

  • hh93
    175 months ago

    The most basic difference between “left” and “right” on the political spectrum is that left-leaning people believe every human is worth the same and should get the same chances while right wing people believe humans are fundamentally different and the ones on the top deserve their place as much as the ones on the bottom.

    That’s also why so many libertarians (or just recently proclaimed anarcho capitalists) are actually right-wing since they believe in unequal distribution of chances and quality of life based on capitalist principles and it’s also why moderates that claim to be neither right nor left usually lean more right