I have Kodi installed now, I will probably test OSMC later today, are there any other programs similar to them that I could test?

What I am mostly interested in:

  • fullscreen mode (dark mode / theme preferably, even if I would have to make it manually somehow)
  • option to navigate my drive or external drive
  • xbox controller support
  • subtitles support

What I want to accomplish is quite simple, every now and then I want to play a movie from my pc on my tv (connected via hdmi) and I don’t want to use mouse or keyboard while watching it to pause or turn the volume up a notch.

Kodi is kinda okay for all that but it feels a little wonky and pretty often makes a mess with my files, creating duplicates or ghost files on lists…

Thanks for any help!

  • @somnuzOP
    13 months ago

    Yeah, so… For now, I feel like I am just stuck with Kodi, but I’ve found a really great theme that kinda helps me cope with that and makes the overall feeling much less clunky.

    Maybe one day I will discover something better and more suited for me.

    • @tburkhol@beehaw.org
      23 months ago

      If it’s the control you find clunky, Kodi does support LIRC, and USB infrared receivers are like $20. You should be able to convince it to listen to your TV or universal remote for menu navigation, volume, etc, which will make it feel a lot like a normal/smart TV. I use the Kore app on my phone.

      But UI is the Achilles heel of most open source software.

      • @somnuzOP
        23 months ago

        Dang, I really felt that last sentence.