Hey there fellas!

As stated in the title I’d like to customise my keyboard layout, specifically, swapping the super and the control keys as I am using a mac (fedora asahi remix), and as such, it makes more sense to globally alter this instead of manually creating all the necessary shortcuts

  • tubbadu
    420 days ago

    In system settings under 'keyboard" there should be an “advanced” tab or something similar with a lot of these kind of settings, don’t remember if this specifically is present or not. In case yours is not there you can change the mapping of the keys in a root configuration file that I don’t remember, if you need tell me and it I’ll go looking for it

  • @d3Xt3r@lemmy.nz
    320 days ago


    • Actively developed
    • Works on Wayland and is DE/distro independent
    • Written in rust so it’s faster and more lightweight compared to other similar apps written in python
    • Works on AARCH64 (not sure if it works on 16K kernels though, but worth trying)
    • humanplayer2
      118 days ago

      keyd is amazing, wonderful, easy, feature-rich, and an absolutely awesome gateway drug to the addiction of perfecting your keymap!

      Warmly recommended!

      Also, well-supported by kind people :)