At turns fascinating, insightful, heartbreaking, heartwarming, infuriating and even savage, it’s certainly the most interesting ST-themed interview I’ve ever watched / listened to.

For me, it also tied various ST lore and insider info together (thanks, Memory Alpha!), especially DC Fontana’s book, which I recall as being pretty scathing when it came to Gene Roddenberry. But after watching this two-parter, I get the sense Gene’s lawyer and the network itself had a pretty disastrous, and even cruel influence on the “Great Bird of the Galaxy.”

Part two is here:

    • @JohnnyEnzymeOP
      12 months ago

      Thanks for commenting, and I was hoping it might lead to some interesting discussion.

      If I may ask-- did you feel like Gerrold was too harsh in particular towards Roddenberry?

    • skribe
      32 months ago

      Wasn’t it supposed to be released in 2015? People complain about Martin, but he’s got nothing on the Dave. 31 years and counting since the last book.