Kelly Goodlett admitted that police did not have the evidence that they presented to a judge in order to get the warrant, including fabricating testimony from the postal inspector that a known drug dealer was sending packages to that house. Goodlett has been convicted and is free while awaiting sentencing. Joshua Jayne, Kyle Meany and Brett Hankison are charged with various crimes surrounding the false testimony and are awaiting trial. They have had their trials pushed back multiple times each. It has been over three years since Breonna Taylor was murdered by police and even those who admitted to crimes are still free.

  • principalkohoutek [none/use name]
    233 months ago

    Damn I looked up their status like a month ago and saw the two people were going to be tried and thought things were moving in a direction towards Justice, but on closer inspection, this is just sparkling Order

    • Walter Malone ✊🏰🕰️OP
      283 months ago

      It’s a show. Its something they can point to publicly to say “please don’t burn down the city again” while privately they congratulate themselves on eliminating another person of limited value

      • be_excellent_to_each_other
        3 months ago

        We won’t see another protest like 2020 without another corresponding world event like the pandemic, sad to say. (And only in my own opinion.)

        People need to go to work and feed their families. We were lucky that the motivation to try (again) to scream loud enough for police reform to make a difference happened at a time when more people had the opportunity to do so. (Due to so many things being shutdown)

        I wish I could believe lasting change was made, but I’m less and less sure as time goes by.

        Edit: Apologies for my poor word choice in using “lucky” in connection with the timing - which was entirely due to the murder of George Floyd.