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  • You probably should report them to the MI6, CIA, NSA, IRA, YMCA and all other organizations just to make sure. In fact, just start screaming at people in the street about this one random college/highschool girl or else communism as a whole will just collapse.

    Watch out China, fucking Hannah from Wisconsin junior college repeated something every white person already says.

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    how do you calibrate a fahrenheit thermometer? With celsius it’s hilariously trivial, if the thermometer says it’s about 0 when you see water freeze, it’s correct enough for everyday use.

    You do the exact same but use 32 degrees instead of zero. I know celsius is cool and good but most people seem incapable of understanding how its just fucking marks on a line and any non-sciencey advantage is pretty much null.

  • I think qualia and the philosophical zombie thing pokes a hole in the whole non-soul thing but I’ll admit that I don’t have a good materialist explanation.

    I’d wager that consciousness is some sort of emergent property of matter operating on a dimension we can’t directly interact with. 70% of our understanding of the universe doesn’t come from directly observing stuff, it comes from observing the effects of it.

    That doesn’t mean that you have an eternal soul that survives death, just that consciousness is a bit more complicated than the current materialist explanation.

  • Social media and the monetization of every public place is the immediate cause. With social media, you can get a facsimile of easy social interaction. For the few who do go out, there are increasingly few places that you can go without spending money. Add in a bad economy and friends are a luxury that few can afford. It’s easier and cheaper to sit at home and use social media, hookup when you need sex, and only go out when you need. Social media is the fast food of social interactions. You know its unhealthy but it’s the path of least resistance.

    But these trends started much earlier. Social media is just the tool used to create it. I can’t explain everything coherently but contributing factors to atomization are cars, the economic downturn after the WWII boom, the loss of the church as an institution, privatization of public spaces, monetization of culture under capitalism, the threat organized communities posed to capitalist projects, etc etc.

  • Communists and refusing to learn from their historical counterparts, name a better duo. In Iraq, the communists wanted to decree away Islam. Instead, they created pockets of resistance because leading with “We will take away your closely held beliefs by force.” fucking sucks as an opener. Learn from Modern China, who used actual Islamic teachings to explain why ISIS was incorrect. You literally want to be a frothing liberal’s dream of a communist government.

    if they feel alienated or society isn’t working for them fuck them.

    You don’t want results, you want purity. You’d rather have a state fail for the right reasons than succeed on a compromise. Your policy is literally to create disaffected billions because the idea of presenting an healthy masculinity is morally repugnant to you. You are a liberal in all but your goal.