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  • Also, is there a way that we can see our own posts that have been marked as read? When I go to my profile, I see my total post # under my summary, but can’t see any when I select “posts”. Comments show up, but not posts.

    I have found the only way to open my past posts is to save them.

    I suspect that is a Lemmy issue, but would love to see it addressed in the app if possible.

  • This happened to my Mom a few years ago in New Mexico. She was late 70s and immuno-compromised from cancer treatments. She ended up hospitalized on a ventilator due to meningitis resulting from the Listeria infection. She made it out OK, but it was very serious.

    Best theory the Health Department had that it was from unpasteurized cheese.

  • Update: I figured out how to get the 2FA set up using my password manager. When I clicked the link on my Mac, it had an option to open the link in a different app, not just the password manager. I selected my password app (Bitwardern), which allowed me to assign the TOTP to the appropriate Lemmy account. Now I can use 2FA through Bitwarden.

  • I agree about the mark read, but I understand that this should really be done on the Lemmy side.

    The other Lemmy thing that is really tough to work with (not a Memmy issue) is how thoroughly Lemmy hides read posts, particularly my own posts. It is virtually impossible to see your own posts without going to Lemmy settings and changing the read posts setting. It seems to force the user to either scroll through old posts constantly or being blind to your own content.

    Other than the hide read, I prefer Memmy. Love the design, themes, and option to open links in reader view.

    EDIT: My other issue with Memmy is how pinch to zoom on images seems to be broken.