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  • now i can, but im not good at framing sentences so it will be a bit basic. in the year 3016 the Galactic union had its most pivotal election it would ever experience, this election would decide the future of the GU. the major parties running are the NSN and the SXEAP, the former reprisenting a militarist perspective favouring expansion of the GU through conquest of autocratic powers to bring fourth a sort of paradise, and the latter, a party focused on internal technological developement, and slow expansion through the admission of applicant worlds to become members. support and opposition to each faction could be found everwhere, but there were some prevailing trends. The SXEAP was primarily favoured by Non humans, especially the humanoid gennassi species, who are known for their contributions to manufacturing in the GU, and the human inhabitents of their capital Centrus Prime, a tropical ocean planet where all inhabitents dwell in one large pllanned circular city the size of australia. The NSN draws its support primarily from the smaller human worlds in the southern reaches of GU space. though a small minority of the gennassi back the NSN, one notable gennassi supporter of theirs includes Arhana bin Sarsidar, an elite commando who has build a cult of personality. Ultimately the SXEAP won, which was unsurprisng if one was to base their predictions on polling. though this was in indeed the first time ever a party in opposition to the NSN ever gained a majority of the 7001 seets of the parliamentary senate. the victory of the SXEAP was likely made possible by the defection of the charismatic near-dictator leader and founder, of the GU, and the NSN. Braut mantlbran, to the SXEAP, he drew in support from ideological hardliners who believed in Utopia the most. this marked the end of his rule, because within the SXEAP he became a minor politician, he later said this became a humbling experience that changed his perspective on life. The shift in policy that occured is widely believed to be what propelled the GU towards ascendency.

    This is a tiny snippet of my very detailed science fiction world.