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  • To add onto this, St. Louis is similar to Baltimore where the city and the county have split. The city isn’t like almost every other city in America. The city numbers don’t have the more suburban calmness and reduced crime to easily compare across other cities. The north of the city is definitely dangerous, but as I understand it every city has a more run down dangerous area.

  • You’re kinda skipping over a few things as well as something the previous comment mentioned.

    1. Weather. I live in a pretty big metro area that has freezing cold winters and sweltering hot summers (with high humidity).
    2. Cargo space is definitely something to think about. There are a lot of families that have to drive to a store for a family’s amount of food for the week
    3. Long distances to get to anything in the suburbs amplifies issues 1 and 2 (including usually no pubic transportation to help)
    4. The previous commenter mentioned they don’t want a giant SUV and just want an affordable electric car.

    All these things are a reason cars are a huge necessity in most of the US. Yes, getting to an area where we can all mostly use 2 wheels would be great, but we should recognize that doing better is a great step forward instead of shooting it down because it’s not perfect.

    I say all this as a person who works from home so I don’t have to worry about a commute, has a small car for necessary trips, and does my best avoid unnecessary driving and makes sure to carpool at every opportunity.