My GTX-1080 is getting a little long in the tooth, I’m thinking of going all AMD on my Linux Mint gaming rig here, but…is there anything I need to do or install or uninstall to switch to an AMD card from an Nvidia one?

I’ve never done this before on a Linux system; I’ve got my Intel/Radeon laptop, and my Ryzen/GeForce desktop and that’s most of my Linux experience.

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    65 months ago

    I had a GTX 1080 and swapped to an AMD graphics card. I didn’t reinstall my Fedora Linux distro, instead it “just worked” as soon as I booted. It was very strange coming from Nvidia to have it just work lol. It’s probably best to uninstall the Nvidia drivers after that though, and make sure there’s no blacklists in your boot settings still.