Pinry is like Pinterest, but open source and you can very easily self-host it. I just installed it a few days ago and it’s really easy to learn; I’ve saved a few images in it that I wanted to keep. It’s very handy, IMO.

This is the first self-hosted app I’ve installed that I think my family will want to use as well. Now, my SO and I can share pictures of things we want to work on around the house and such, and my kid can share pics of the dogs. Not exactly essential software but fun nonetheless!

The install via Docker was very easy. Just follow these steps. Just don’t do what I did at first and follow the readme from a now out of date github repo. That doesn’t work any more.

The source is here -

Once you have it up, there’s a bookmarklet visible from the home page that makes it very easy to “post” an image from any other site to your Pinry site in just a couple of clicks. There are Chrome and Firefox extensions instead, if you prefer. But wait - there’s more! There’s also an API included which would allow you to, for instance, post a Pin to your boards from the console via curl.

All in all, this is good stuff and I thank the team who are working on it very much.