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  • Thing is, if your flatpak software needs something not in its container, it gets a little complicated, because first you have to realise what exactly the problem is and secondly you have to use something like flatseal to give it access to wathever it needs to work (no real help there)

    So this was what took me back to pacman (or better said yay)

  • I am old enough that already have lost some childhood (e.g. early iPod touch) games to time

    Like all the donout games Or papi games Doodle jump …

    Some still exist, but got updates that they not at all behaving like remembered or having tons of ads making it impossible to game

    As an example:

    I am so happy that they released Hill Climb Racing again without ads, sadly it is on Apple Arcade, but luckily my parents have a Apple One subscription that I am allowed to use through family sharing (for the time being)

    But if this subscription is ended, I have no way on playing Hill Climb Racing in a version without tons of micropayments and ads.

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    Do you compile yourself on nixOS as well? Does it really need more time to maintain, than arch? Isn’t that the config file distro where the package manager installs packages listed there? I never tried that one yet, so l was not able to add it where it would belong, and don’t know if can be considered “good” as the other in the list.

    All in all, if it makes it in my list, I don’t know if it goes between Arch and gentoo or between Arch and endeavourOS 🤔 but it definitely would not replace one on the list, but added to it somewhere.

  • I know 😇 and thank you for that good wish ❤️

    I already had an accident, where someone drove into the back of my car. Luckily nothing happened to me and his endurance paid me for a new Spring 😁

    Cost of repair would have be been about half of the price of the car itself. But I know, that the endurance somehow sold my wreck after all (had forgotten to disable tracking and was able to see the location of the old car 😂)