Hello, whenever I try to download the Windows.iso from Microsoft, it blocks me because I’m using a VPN. I don’t really want to buy proxies or anything for this. I tried to download it off public WiFi but it was way too slow. I only need Windows for updating the EC firmware on one of my older laptops.

The Windows.iso is going to be used offline, I don’t want to link my IP to it. I mean, I guess since I’m using it offline anyways, I can just download the .iso with my actual IP, install it offline, and then use a USB drive that has the EC firmware/BIOS update on it and use that to flash the firmware offline? (This laptop can only perform firmware updates through a Windows environment)

I feel like in a way, wouldn’t I still somehow be linking myself? What if I flash the firmware and later when I connect the laptop to the internet, it somehow has like metadata/signature of where I updated my EC from? I’m planning on using Libreboot with Linux after I update it.